Way, Way Back

This isn’t my photo rather it’s a scan that I did of an old U.S. Senate menu from June 26, 1940!! My great uncle was an usher in the Whitehouse and spent a great deal of time with FDR. This was in some of the stuff he passed down, I’m going through “stuff” now and will toss it but thought that it was interesting enough to notice!! The most expensive thing on the menu is the “Planked Tenderloin with Fresh Mushrooms” and the “Whole Broiled Maine Lobster.” Each is 85 cents!! Eight-five cents! I don’t even have a “cents” key on my computer. I have photos of my uncle with Harry Truman but none with FDR. I’m pretty sure my aunt burned all of my uncle’s papers after he died. My uncle spent a lot, a lot of time with FDR and kept a daily journal of everything. My aunt told me that she was sure that her husband would have wanted everything burned. Sigh. He was appointed to the comptroller for the VA after FDR died. I would love to have had his journal. Sorry for the deviation from the normal photos.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I truly appreciate your greetings!



US Senate Menu 1940

US Senate Menu 1940





US Senate Menu 1940, p2

US Senate Menu 1940 p2, June 26

US Senate Menu 1940, P3

US Senate Menu, June 26, 1940

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