The “Third Week”

The chemo cycles are three weeks long. The first week is awful, the second week is recovery, the third week is “normal.” Now, as many of you know, “normal” is not the way life used to be, “normal” is the new normal, an adjusted life. This first cycle, Diane’s third week started a couple of days early! Which is a good thing because a baseball game was scheduled that Friday and Diane must go to Kyle’s baseball! But, now that I think of it, her first chemo session was on a Friday so the third week was on time after all. Most of the rest of the sessions are on a Monday which is what threw me off. Diane’s eyes have  recovered…sort of. (dangling preposition alert)  Most of the infection has receded but the tears continue! We hope they clear up, too, or the salt will cause problems again.

Our friends have been truly awesome, they bring over food and comfort and company. We are overwhelmed with their kindness, caring, prayers, and great food! Even friends that live thousands of miles away send cards, gifts, and prayers. We are so thankful to be so truly blessed.

I went out before dawn yesterday with the thought of finding a sunrise image at Green Springs Gardens. I was standing with friends at the edge of the Green Spring meadow when unexpectedly, swirls of small white flakes appeared. Without even thinking, and actually paying them little attention, I mentally identified the flakes as tiny petals from springtime trees that were blowing in the new morning wind. Hah! My friend said that it was snow! I demurred. They had to be flower petals. Or maybe the dust from some close-by apocalyptic village. Definitely set my mood. This image is shortly after “sunrise.” The dreary skies camouflaged any actual view of the rising sun but the light intermittently broke through to make its mark on our little piece of the planet.

House at Green Spring Gardens

House at Green Spring Gardens

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