A New Day

Five o’clock in the morning but all is actually going very well. For the most part. Sleeping is difficult but the awful pain has subsided significantly which is way, way ahead of schedule. Thanks for the prayers, healing thoughts, and positive energy! And the medications. Each day is a different adventure but for the latter part of yesterday’s whirlwind blast through time, t’was a great day. We went to Kyle’s basketball game last night and she got through with only Ibuprofen! Huzzah. She didn’t sleep well so naps will be in order today. Except that the construction crew will be here to fix the water damage from the frozen pipe. It’s taken two months to get them here. Oh well. They’re coming.

The other thing we did yesterday was visit our acupuncturist, Dr. Ashley Will at the Acupuncture & Herbal Healing Center. Dr Will and Dr Linton have had an immense and positive impact on our health over the years. Dr. Will treated Diane during Diane’s first cancer episode. They are an important part of our health team!

I made this image eight years ago when we were visiting Sis-in-law Chris in the high desert (Mojave) of California. I have no idea what the flower is but the bright colors mirror my mood this morning!!

Desert Flower

Mojave Desert Flower

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