Heavy Heart For New Yorkers…and all of us

My heart goes out to the families, friends, and all those in New York touched by the latest terrorist tragedy.  I think though, each of us is somehow touched, no matter where we live. Sadly, there is a “polar response” to this continuation of violence against people just going about their day-to-day lives. I say polar because the press is only telling us about what the trump tweets and how the trump’s “tweet targets” respond. The human loss and the country’s loss of humanity is turned into fodder for yellow journalism that generates revenue through clicks and channel choices. In the meantime, families of the stricken are devastated. No one in our country that has power, seems to be asking why this is happening and how does one address the reasons for terrorism.

I perceive a “belief fog”  that lets folks actually believe you can solve something with a simple flick of a switch. For instance, where I live, a candidate for governor accuses the other candidate of supporting MS-13, an incredibly violent international gang. The accusing candidate reached that conclusion by saying…my opponent supported immigration rights, MS-13 is made up of immigrants, therefore the opponent must support MS-13. And people, smart people, believe this manufactured fact. The thought process reminds me of Monty Python’s “Quest for the Holy Grail,” when they used a logic path of “do ducks float” to determine if a woman was a witch. The candidate’s MS-13 affiliation is a fantasy of course, but it plays will with people who WANT that to be true, who want to believe that by picking a certain candidate the problem of gang crime is fixed. Many people in my community live in this fog, believing that picking a party or a candidate will solve these extraordinarily complex social and economic problems…they are so wrong. People commit acts of terrorism for many reasons and for us to live in a bubble, behind a real wall or moat, is NOT going to stop crime and terrorism. There is a chance that this candidate will win despite his association with the confederate flag supporters, his support of the ultra-right, and his silence on many human issues. If he does win, MS-13 will not go away.

Admittedly, the other party has absolutely nothing to offer except the rhetoric of how injured people will become if they don’t get into office. Their lack of foresight is shocking but really not very surprising. Same thing last November.

In the meantime, please say a prayer, have a moment of silence…remember those who were lost and injured in New York.

Cemetery in Old Town Alexandria

Cemetery in Old Town Alexandria

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