In a recent walkabout in a small, rural village, I couldn’t help but notice “the old” and “the new” competing for space. Many of the older houses had huge “new” additions growing out of the back of their 150-year-old structural hosts. Some of the old things were failing and falling with little hope of preservation. A local foundation is dedicated to preserving these old structures, the streets, the history of the village. I admire that effort although I don’t believe that all things vintage should be preserved, I do believe that a discussion is appropriate. Judging from the number of hand driven water pumps visible in the yards of the town, I imagine that well water was the standard for generations and that many of these old hand pumps will be preserved by the house owner…this particular pump was in front of a small, abandoned and dilapidated building so I am thinking that its days are numbered.

A larger number of photos from my Waterford Walkabout are posted on my Photography Blog.

Waterford Hand Pump

Waterford Hand Pump

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