Days Gone By

I took this photo a few days ago looking out on the Potomac from Waterfront Park in Alexandria. Perhaps I’m fascinated by boats and trains because they are moving past people, events, things at a fast clip, and, like reading history, I get to experience that journey without actually meeting the people, living the events, or touching the things. The emotional blur of time passing softens the harshness of real life…I get to reinvent my memories so that life was happier then. I “adjusted” the shot in Photoshop until the image reflected my nostalgic but tattered view of life passing quickly…wasn’t it all better back then? But no, it really wasn’t better fifty or sixty years ago. Polio, segregation, smallpox, apartheid, Vietnam, the Irish “Troubles,” and more. I’ve lived in those times and they don’t go by quickly, like a boat or a train, they go by day-by-day. And looking back, I think that’s okay.

Riverboat on Potomac from Alexandria Waterfront

Riverboat on Potomac from Alexandria Waterfront


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