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Worldwide Photo Walk

Yesterday thousands of people participated in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk. I was one of them, walking about in Old Town Alexandria; last year I was in Manassas. I love Old Town and took this as a challenge to Notice Things I hadn't noticed before, or, in a way I hadn't noticed on previous shots. This first shot is the one I will send in as a candidate for posting on Kelby's site. This was the day for weddings in Old Town!! St Mary's Catholic church was either about to have one, was having one, or had one! This was a limousine parked out in front, I've taken shots of this building but thought the limo reflection was a unique opportunity. The angles weren't perfect but then...they seldom are.St Mary's Catholic Church In LimoAnd speaking of weddings, there were four that afternoon that we either stumbled into the wedding party or meandered about in the venue. I was surprised to see that many. Imagine the brides and grooms coming outside to do wedding shots with their photogs and OMG---thirty or so people with very large cameras are snapping away---like a paparazzi feeding frenzy. Unfortunately, for the Scottish wedding, I didn't have the right lens so the shot was lost, but this couple was at the right time and the right place. Look at the smile on her face!!BrideNow she is dodging the mud and grime and gum that is part of being outside but I am thinking she does not mind too much. Of course, there are many things going through my mind--where is the rest of the party? Where was the wedding? Where are they going?  Are they going on a cruise? The Scottish wedding (curses, no pix) was kilts and belts and daggers.  I probably should have followed the party and changed lenses. That, however, might have been stalking. The whole multiple wedding experience led me to believe that to shoot brides and grooms, all I have to do is hangout late afternoon in Old Town. I wonder if yesterday was some special calendar day since we saw so many, I checked Wikipedia and found nothing that would lead folks to target October 5 as a wedding day. Hmmm, unless they were all from Anaheim which was founded on October 5, 1857. Yeah, right.As a side note, not too from where I took this shot, we visited the Alexandria Fire Department in one of the old fire stations. They were having a fund raiser for breast cancer and selling pink tee shirts with Firefighters for the Cure. I had to buy one. The firefighters let us walk through the building and take photos...they had some cool old stuff including an old pumping vehicle---horse drawn, I think. They welcomed the wandering band of photographers. I appreciate what they do!The next shot is of the bride and groom together. He seems a lot more nonchalant than she. Or...maybe he is just looking at all of the photographers and wondering what the hell is all this about. Am I paying for this?Bride and GroomOn the cobblestone street just a few yards where the bride and groom were walking, I noticed this large stone embedded in the sidewalk. This street that has not been changed much in the last couple of hundred years, only preserved. The street is cobblestone and is a jarring ride. I was laying down on the sidewalk taking the stone picture when a lady came out of the house right next to where I was laying. I stood and said, "Howdy" and she asked if I was interested in and taking pictures of the houses. I said that my interest was the houses but right now was that stone. She told me that the stone was a "stepping stone" for  folks, especially ladies, when they stepped out of their carriages!! Made sense. She said that perhaps it wasn't true but she thought it was. I told her I'd put the theory on my website and since then it would be on the internet, it would--by definition--be true. She laughed.Stepping StoneI saw the perfect juxtaposition of person and thing and took this shot of one of my walking colleagues. He was changing lenses or making some other adjustment. He had been kneeling and was starting to stand when I snapped away. I was bracketing again but with motion shots like this, I don't always get the result I am looking for when I activate the shutter. I keep the sequencing on single shot because rapid is just too rapid for me and I can't push-count-release fast enough, I end up with 5-6 shots instead of 3.NatI try to shoot at least one that I consider "Photo Noir" - like something out of a Casablanca movie, last year's in Manassas. I found an off-the-beaten-track restaurant that I first thought was a French but discovered it was Vietnamese. I would have liked to stop...but didn't. Maybe on my next walkabout with Kelsey.Vietnamese RestaurantThe adventure ended up back at the river where hundreds of people were walking about---without cameras, at least very big cameras. The temperature was unseasonably hot--90F--so it was more like spring or summer than mid-fall. The warm weather was just, well, happy feeling. Lots of laughing, smiling, holding hands, and even more! This couple made many people smile who were walking by just a few short feet away. I don't they they noticed, they were all about each other. I think I caught that emotion.JoyWhat a Pinot Grigio kind of a day.  

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