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The Last Surgery

Well, almost. If you count taking the port out next April, this wasn't the "last" surgery, but for us, this is the last major surgery. We went to the surgery center at 8:30 and were home by 3. A quick day. Of course there's that follow on part that they don't really prepare you for--the blood, the bandages, the pain. I don't think you ever get used to it, although Diane is treating this as just one more thing to get done. She doesn't want to be a bother. Sigh. She was (is) a little loopy from the pain and the meds but overall is doing great. We get her walking as much as possible but she isn't setting any FitBit records. There are lots of prayers and loving energy that so many of you are sending---thanks, thanks from Diane and the entire family. Kirsten came home which has helped because the rest of everything must go on. We have some sick pets, Kyle's baseball, homework for all...well, normal, normal.TotemThe leaves are starting to fall more rapidly which means we should probably start battening down the hatches for what is supposed to be a worse than normal winter. I heard that "worse-than-normal" prediction on the radio, perhaps that's what the forecast is in the "Farmers Almanac." Perhaps that's what the forecast is based on watching what is happening in Congress. You know, I try not to be political in my ramblings here and i don't mean to be with this statement (but I am sure someone will consider me the AntiChrist for even writing this): regarding the budget and deficit, certainly no one can reach a reasonable settlement if one of the "sides" goes nuclear...every...single...time. Apparently, no one is working toward a consensus solution for the National good...every Congressman is working toward a unilateral "my way or the highway" answer. Righteous...not right. Are bullies running our government???  That's certainly possible conclusion since a normal person would expect that an answer should evolve, be part of a process, not part of an edict.I could be embarrassed for them but then I also understand that the House has a reputation of raucousness.  Fist fights, the "Know Nothings," impeaching a Supreme Court justice, and on and on and on. They are intended to be a representation of the population at large but I think that "we the people" get along much better than "they the legislators." I posit that many Americans now believe  legislators are catering to their parties and the parties are catering to the big money and that "we the people" are mostly left out. There is no balance, no compromise, no human approach. Constituent input has been replaced by political polls and large contributors.But it's more than "just" money, it's the mass of money that makes a difference. It's not the money that a candidate brings in from the voters in his/her state, it's the mass of money that supports a candidate that comes in from interest groups from the entire nation. For instance, say that my senatorial candidate supports 95% of the issues I want him or her to support but there's 5% s/he supports that I don't like. Still, I can live with that because that's a reasonable person approach. However, that 5% is a touchstone for a political party somewhere and they decide to "Mobilize" against my candidate. And they do, and all of a sudden millions of dollars are roaring into the opponent's coffers because a political party has decided that they, not me, should be making these decisions.Of course. I'm naive. That's the way it is. It's probably the best in the world. If you look at Wikipedia  under "History of the United States Congress" you will see that phases are broken down by happenings and events but mostly by party dominance. The current time may be referred to by historians as an "Eclectic Mix of Meaningless Brinkmanship." Problems in every single sector and part of our emotional, economic, and community lives and the people (Congress) who can help fix it are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Best in the world. That's just one of the Things I Notice.

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