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Navy Yard

My thoughts and prayers and hopes go out to those killed, injured, and forever changed by the tragedy at the Navy Yard yesterday. Talking heads and wagging fingers will rise up over the next few days, weeks, or even months with whys, wherefores, condemnations, and other grand explanations and condemnations.  That won't help the hurt, soothe the emptiness, or explain the senselessness. Kyle asked me "Why?" The same question Kirsten asked me after 9/11. The same question Kelsey asked me after Virginia Tech. My answer started the same each time, "Some people are broken. Just plain broken." Apparently, all the warning signs were there but there is nothing our society can or will do without becoming a police state. None of that helps the families, the fallen, the changed. May God hold us and help us through tragedies like this.Hawk-101 

The Last Surgery