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My Comeuppance

Many years ago I was a reasonably fair foosball and dart player. I often kicked butt at both and admit to getting special glee when my friend Ted hung his head in amazement at his loss(es) at darts. During college, I spent many a night at a place called Jim's, working on my foosball game and enjoying the benefits of win after win (if I remember correctly). I continued the tradition in Iceland, winning the USAF foosball championship in 1976 (yes, 37 years ago!). I hadn't played much in the years since then but every time I did play, I dominated! Probably because most people I played against had given up the game much earlier in their quest for "maturity." But no, not me. So a few years ago when we were going to buy a family Christmas present, we decided on a foosball table. And, of course, at play, I dominated!! Like riding a bike, I thought. I might have even talked a little smack before, during and after the matches. Got so the kids wouldn't play with me. Puzzling. Trying to inspire their competitive spirit! How can that not be a good thing? A family thing?  And darts, OMG, back in 1979 I used to play darts in the 23 TASS every day. Every hour I wasn't flying. Every! Partly because I couldn't beat the Vietnam Vets who'd spent a lot more time in a hooch with darts than I could have ever imagined. I admit to not winning a lot but I did gain some skills and honed my attitude. Both of which were good enough to triumph most times in business trips to El Segundo and Huntsville 20 years later. So when we got an XBox a couple of years ago, the dart game was a piece of cake. Humbling for my family, however. I may have even talked a little smack.So, like a lamb going to slaughter, I accepted a challenge from Kyle and Kelsey with Diane joining. We played "301" and I smoked them all in the first game! Smack down! Then boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom: Kelsey, Diane, Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey, Kyle, Kelsey.  AND, they were talking smack! To me! And then....the kids challenged Diane and I to a foosball match. Baaaaa, Baaaaa, Baaaaa. The horror! The humanity! There are no words. Sigh.Farmhouse in the WoodsI used to think that a big house in the woods was the ultimate goal in life, a symbol of career, family, and financial success.  The vision of that house was ethereal, like this shot near Middleburg, VA. The reality I have is much better than the vision I carried with me for many years. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't be curious about peeking inside this place. I wonder if they have a foosball table. A dartboard. A dad who got his comeuppance. Nah, probably not.

Summer Is Over And A War Story (2) Of Days Gone By

Summer Is Over