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The Week That Was...Gone Very Quickly

Diane's current pain and swelling comes from something called "lymphedema." During the first surgery, she had one lymph gland removed for testing (benign - YAY!) but, apparently, the lymph nodes like to function as a full set. Because the set was disrupted, the remaining glands (or nodes) are throwing a hissy fit. Fortunately, there is a path to a new normal for this condition, too----Physical Therapy. She started the PT and will continue for at least 6 weeks. After one week, the pain has lessened and she's much more comfortable. As a side note...she has hair!!! Well, not a lot. But actually...well, maybe she does, compared to Bruce Willis. I say again: comparatively. Her hair grows fast and I'm guessing the wigs and scarves will go away in just a few weeks.ChicagoSome good friends treated us to a special concert last Monday night---the band Chicago at the Wolf Trap Center.  We had a great time, the music was awesome and the fans were rockin'. I was transported back in time and really enjoyed the show. Of course, the band and most of the audience was my age--plus or minus 5 years. The energy level was very high, despite the advanced chronological experience of all the parties. One of my colleagues at work had noted that I wouldn't be tired the next day because the concert would be over by nine since we'd all be ready for bed!! Ouch. But it was almost 11 by the time the music was done! Of course, they started on time at 8. None of that 3-4 hour delay in the start time some of the younger rockers seem to support. Stop. I sound like a fuddy-duddy.  Maybe those concerts aren't about the music, but rather "the event." Hmmm.I took my camera. A mistake. Or at least a mistake on a certain level. I had the camera out of the bag before the concert (hence the shot to the right). The ushers saw the camera, called a head usher and he asked me to put it in the bag. I asked why (duh!) and they said the band had not authorized photos unless I had a press pass and they would confiscate the camera if I took pictures. I asked for a press pass. Nope. I bagged the camera. Then the band comes out and one of the first things they said was, "Feel free to take pictures." Hmmmm. Sounded like free license. But, in honor and respect for intellectual property (and because the band was not actually policing the crowed, the ushers were), I asked again. And again, a head usher visited and said because I had a "Big Camera" I was not allowed to take pictures. I mentioned what the band had said and they demurred, again with the big camera argument. I began an rational explanation of the differences between what the band said and what the apparent policy was and got "The Look." The message was clear--they didn't care what the band had said, they had a mission and I wasn't part of that mission. Okay...so I didn't take pictures with my "Big Camera." I took some "phone photos" and they were just, oh so good. But we had a wonderful time and the memories will have to serve. You know sometimes the focus in memories is better than the focus in photos. This may be one of those times.At the end of the week, we watched Kirsten pack all of her stuff. She was excited to get back to school. New room mates, new "apartment" at her sorority house, and a new chapter in her life. We are excited and nervous, too. I drove her down Saturday morning and worked on assembling her furniture and WiFi and then left. Poof. Our house is down to four.Kirsten At SchoolThe campus is changing. Like us. Like me. Kirsten will be graduating in two years. Then, she will be off to who-knows-where. Close by, we hope. Seems like we just brought her home from Alexandria Hospital in an infant car seat that I had to stand on my head to install. Whoosh! We're here. Today. I am thankful for all the wonders of these 20 years.  Some periods are blurs, usually because of the race of the job or the perceived thing I must do or place I must be or gadget I must have. Fortunately, my photos provide some clarity to these blurry memories and let me create my own story.I am pretty sure that I've come to a time and place where I enjoy almost...almost...every single day. A revelation. An epiphany. I think I'm here to make a difference. I think I am. Just look at her!I haven't had a great deal of time to work on my photographic skills. I hope to change that soon. A friend and I are talking about going down to the Mall in DC to take night photos of the Washington Monument with the lights and scaffolding. That would be cool. I haven't really done a lot lately with my camera and think I'm losing my eye. That mustn't happen. That's what I need, a mission! I'll start with downtown DC at night and then move to Civil War sites in the Great Neck. There is the job thing, though, so the schedule will be gradual. I hate that. OOOOOhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

Summer Is Over

End of A Great Week