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End of A Great Week

I can't believe that the weekend is here.  Last Sunday...zooooom....Saturday. I worked a day and a half this week and then was on vacation. My friend from the "Deep South" visited for a few days and we had a great time telling lies, even stranger truths, and catching up on the years we hadn't seen one another. And, of course, he tried to recalibrate my political thoughts. Smile. A hopeless cause since I am indelibly and unchangeably human. We did a walkabout around the FDR, Jefferson and MLK Memorials, shot skeet, and looked at our phones as little as possible; I was better at not looking than he was. But, I am much older and wiser.Kyle spent Wednesday with his mom going hither and yon to doctor's appointments. Turns out that taking out a lymph node potentially causes some serious "structural" problems and those are best treated with specialized physical therapy. Long term physical therapy.  She started this week. Painful. But with a long term, good goal, definitely in sight--that is, mobility in her arm again. The pain was so bad that she couldn't lift her arm above horizontal. The PT will gradually get her back into the place where she had been. Hurray!!Stylized Fawn & MotherSince Kyle was with Diane all day Wednesday, he and I spent time together by ourselves yesterday. Driving around out in the woods, we saw a female deer and her fawn literally right next to the road. I happened to have my camera in the car (imagine that), so we quietly got out and walked toward them. They were curiously patient and let us walk within thirty feet. The fawn was curious, looked to the mother shortly after the shot, and then back at us and then...whoooosh.  They were gone. It was exciting to see them.

The Week That Was...Gone Very Quickly

A Laid Back, Very Laid Back Saturday