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Just When You Think Things Should Be "Normal"

The week is over. At last. My stress level is actually going down even while the stress related events are piling up. Maybe it's the deck chairs on the Titanic thing. Diane was in to see the surgeon twice this week because of severe pain and swelling. The pain was so bad that she was very quiet during the normal hubbub hours of family life. Very quiet. But she went to work and didn't actually say anything to me until it was so bad that she wanted to see her doctor. We got right in and after the sonogram and examination, he declared her ok. We went home....Quiet. Very Quiet. Two days later we were back in the doctor's office. On the first visit he'd discovered a little fluid buildup but opined that this was okay and should dissipate.On the second visit, Diane and I thought the sonogram indicated more liquid. I know, I know. We are not trained physicians or technicians and should not be evaluating sonograms--especially our own. But frankly, at this stage in our lives, we've looked at many, many medical images and though we aren't trained, we are heavily "exposed." The doctor didn't mention that there might be more fluid but he did say he was going to aspirate. Now he said this very casually, sort of like, "The weather today is quite pleasant." But I sensed that this was another of those procedures that was going to happen to my bride and she would just smile, get quiet, and move on to the next thing. Holy Crap!  He brings out this needle contraption that looks like the grease gun they use at Jiffy Lube. After a "numbing" shot, he stick this ginormous needle into my wife. The sonogram is still going so all three of us are watching the tip of the needle (about the size of a Minuteman Missile) zooming through my wife's flesh headed directly for that black cavity filled with evil fluid. And like a hummingbird's beak, the needle broke into the cavity and the fluid was swiftly withdrawn. Diane complimented the doctor on the smoothness of the procedure...no pain, no discomfort. And the fluid wasn't truly evil, it was normal looking and didn't indicate any bad juju. But...The doc said that this fluid probably wasn't the cause of her pain. The cause was the change in the flesh due to the radiation and the scarring. AND, that these changes would continue for 6 to 12 months after the surgery. What he wants her to do is to start physical therapy with a special kind of therapist. Just one more thing. So there you have it, there is no "back to normal," there is this gradual evolution to the new normal. And you know, that's okay. We're both thankful.Speaking of hummingbirds...we have two feeders on the deck. Diane loves to sit  on the deck and listen to all of the birds, frogs, fox, and other critters.  The hummingbirds zoom around the feeders and fight among one another for a place in line. They appear combative. They are fun to watch. I have been trying to get some closeups but the shutter speed and the depth of field are challenging. I can't leave the camera on autofocus  because they're too fast for auto, so I manually focus with the camera on a tripod. Then I remotely trip the shutter when the bird is in the "range." But the depth of field is so narrow, my focus has to be within 2 inches, and that's harder than I thought because i don't have anything to set the focus on when there's no hummers. So I focus on the brass rod and that gets me close. Note the shot with the hummingbird "bombing" the deck below.

A Laid Back, Very Laid Back Saturday

Serenity Now!