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Pohick Church - Stay Away From The Light!

Just kidding of course. I've driven by the Pohick Church many, many times since I moved to the area in 1985 and have wanted to stop over and over again but...I never had the time.  But yesterday, Kyle's baseball camp was close by and so I stopped. I walked from the very busy highway onto the church ground and silence and peace seemed to settle on and envelope me. I'm not wired for peace and serenity, however, and so shook my head and began to notice things around me. But then the peace and serenity feeling came back, until...through the cool, comfortable canopy, I see the evergreen tree in this first shot shining brightly. Or better put, the sun was shining brightly on the evergreen tree. All I could think about was, "Stay away from the light." I had to take the shot. But, I did not go that way, I turned away and went toward the church.Pohick Church GraveyardThe building was built almost 300 years ago! There's a significant history associated with the people that attended here as well as the grounds and building. The building was occupied by Union troops and probably Confederate troops. There's graffiti on the bricks, the door mantles, lots of places. I can only imagine the young men, bored to death carving their names and dates on the building. I have to assume they are all authentic although the cynic in me wanted some proof. Actually, the cynic in me was hoping that people in this day and age wouldn't carve on the building and leave a bogus date. Actually, I would hope they wouldn't carve on the building at all. There's a brick that says, "McKelty 1867." I wonder who he was.Pohick Graffiti Pohick Church 

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