Welcome! This is the place I write about Things I Notice in my daily walkabouts as well as what I might think about things in my world.

Walkabouts = Exercise? Oh My!

Part of my stress can be relieved by exercise. At least I'm pretty sure that's true, so I'll give exercise a try. Well, not really. I've hated exercise for as long as I can remember. In high school, I had a golf coach that resented my longer than normal hair...he made me run laps around the course before I could practice-I was the only one who had to do that!  But then I was the only one with "long" hair. I had a wresting coach that made me do extra pushups under the watchful eye of his german shepherds who would "harry" you if commanded by the coach for not going fast enough.My exercise will be my walkabouts. Diane is joining me and our goal (and competition) is 10,000 steps a day. Yesterday the weather turned hot and humid again so walking was a bear. We stopped after only 30 minutes or so. Plus I notice that walking briskly with my 10 pound camera strains parts of my body--I'm going to have to figure that out.  I ended up on the treadmill to finish my 10k. While at the pet store for food, I saw this cockatoo. He was happy where he was and he posed.A side note about my wrestling coach. In the halls of school one day, he asked me to get my haircut or leave the wrestling team. I resigned from the team on the spot. He hit me so hard in the solar plexus and that I went down and stayed down gasping for breath. Gotta love it.Cockatoo

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