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Just What I Need

Bugatti CockpitThere used to be talk about men in the forties and fifties getting a sports car to satisfy their mid-life crisis but I note that special age has slipped to men in their sixties who are now driving Corvettes, Porsches, and other fast looking autos. That's my age group so of course I've been looking around for just the thing to put me in the mid life crisis mood. And voila, in the tiny town of Aldie, VA, there sat this Bugatti beauty just aching for me to stop and look. There was a groan from the passenger section as I pulled over and jumped out with great curiosity and, of course, my camera. As soon as I got close enough, I thought that it was too good to be true...a 1927 Bugatti sitting out all by itself!! And, well it was too good to be true. This was a kit car although a very well done kit. I would love to have driven it, I'm sure it would have been a ball.This weekend started another unusual series of events: Kyle is off to Highroad camp for a week and Kelsey is off to Puerto Rico for TWO weeks. We will miss them both but am glad they are meeting new people, going on adventures and learning to take life by the horns. For us...back to work. I took a couple of days off and am still dealing with some angst issues but am determined to get through this week. Dammit! (Smile) Diane has eye surgery scheduled for Tuesday. Her tear ducts are blocked (thank you, chemo) and then the pressure of the tears breaks the blockage and tears run down her face for several minutes, then they block again, then pressure, then gushing tears. then blockage, then... over, and over, and over again. They will cut into her tear ducts and scrape out all of the built up scar tissue which is the cause of this awful thing. They also called with the other plastic surgery. That's on September 20 if all stays on track. Kyle isn't happy about that since his birthday is that day.  For us, another milestone--both of 'em.Bugatti 

A Quiet House, Eye Surgery Tomorrow

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