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Musical Day

Kyle played in a concert today. They played the 1812 Overture, Egyptique, and many more. Diane smiled a lot! Kelsey did, too. And me, well of course I did. The music just made you want to tap your foot and sing along. Well not sing along to everything, but they did do a medley of Beach Boy stuff. No one on stage knew of the Beach Boys but you sure wanted to tap your foot. The thought crossed my mind that if we all cared more for music, we might be a kinder, gentler species. But then I remembered the songs about killing, rape, and just how tough the singer must be. Leopard colored cars speeding through neighborhoods is in, holding hands and watching the clouds go by is out. So my thought was fleeting. Until they played the "Mary Poppins" medley and I became hopeful once again. Diane is doing much better. Thanks for the prayers!Kyle's Flute 

Just What I Need

I Think I'm Melting