Welcome! This is the place I write about Things I Notice in my daily walkabouts as well as what I might think about things in my world.

I Think I'm Melting

A reasonably significant build up of angst or pain or worry or frustration is manifesting itself in me as a quiet and sometimes fierce anger. In me, the quiet, bashful one. Troubling. I find I have so very little patience. And I know that I must have that patience, I must resist the urge to say, "Why would you do that?"  I imagine that others in my situation face the same wall, the same questions, the same angst. I'd like to take some time off but quite frankly, that can't happen. Even taking vacation I'm on hour after hour of teleconferencing. I'm not complaining about the job, that's the challenge I accepted and, for the most part, thrive in. But I wonder, often wonder, why people do the things they do. Why do they cut me off in line at the grocery store? Why do they think they absolutely, positively believe their car must be in the exact same spot on the highway as my car? Why do they think their way of doing things is the ONLY way and that compromise is for sissies? And why do they only help when there's something in it for them?I know that these things are NOT true for everyone, maybe not even for a few. Perhaps it's just me, me behaving badly. I'm sure that's it. Should be a movie. I took the shot below a few weeks ago in a wooded park. The path isn't straight, there's no end in site. Sort of scary looking, though, if you leave the path. Well, I will go get some cheese and crackers to have  with this whine.Woodland Path

Musical Day

Pain, Pain, Pain :(