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Another Day, Maybe for the Lion. Not for Us.

King of the Beasts I took this a couple of years ago through a chain-link fence. Although the fence looked substantial, I still wondered. I also wondered, of course, what he might be thinking. Yes, there was a lioness in the enclosure, and yes, there were giant sized kitty toys in the enclosure, but yet...what do you do all day, Mr King of the Beasts?I could postulate and wax poetic but coming right to the point, he has to be bored to tears. This is where I get back to the chain-link fence. Imagine the size of the paws (very large), the width of the leg muscles (like sides of beef), and the teeth--OMG when he yawned, they looked as if they'd devoured a hundred tourists just  like me. Yellow, sharp, thick...I imagined the crunch of a bone. But then, I looked at the chain link fence.But then, he looked at me.Chemo-eve. She didn't fully recover this cycle and so isn't in great shape although she'll deny it to all. Constant pain. She tells me her hands and feet feel as if they have been smashed with a hammer...each finger, each toe. I really can't imagine, I've had a thumb smashed, even a finger. But not all of them. Not hands and feet. She's back at work today. At least for a while.Kyle will head to band camp. Kirsten at work. Kelsey. Well, Kelsey needs a government ID. Which means...we will go to.......the DMV. Makes the lion look tame.

Happy Independence Day!