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Yesterday was a high energy day! For Diane. Me....I needed a nap! We started by working in the house, then the yard, and then we planted some flowers! Many, many more than one flower. But we got them all in the ground or in planters. We have another hummingbird feeder with matching flowers so that the little birds will have lots to feed from whenever they feel hungry. Diane's sister, Chris, and her husband are also into hummingbirds. They have a nest very close to their house, close enough they can easily see inside the nest and are able to watch the younger birds start to grow. Lots of great stories about the birds who seem to be accustomed to their human observers. We ended by grilling planked salmon and veggies and then a family movie.Diane and I had a nice shout out from Heather on her blog. Heather is also adjusting to a new normal. I am quite certain she will be successful with her adjustment, she's a class act--someone who really cares about the world we live in, her community, and her family. She'll probably have to adjust her focus inward a little and pay a tad bit more attention "to herself." She is a passionate missionary for others, for the environment; someone who literally turns adjectives into verbs. You can also read more from her on The Huffington Post.This photo was taken on a photo walkabout with Kelsey. She is still practicing with her camera. Soon she'll pack it up and head for a real walkabout in Puerto Rico.You know, I don't really even like Pinot Grigio wine. But I still want to order it so I can say the words out loud. Pinot Grigio!Kelsey With Dandelion 

Barred Owl & Doctor after Doctor

A Pinot Grigio Kind Of Day