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A Pinot Grigio Kind Of Day

There are some words I just love to say--Pinot Grigio, for instance. Words like Pinot Grigio do more than simply roll off your tongue, they take on a life of their own as they begin their journey from simple breath and then explode into a sound that has pizzazz. Arugula! Is another. It's as if they start as a subtle drum roll and end with a trumpet flourish. PeeNo GREE JeeO!! Try it! I swear you'll want to order the wine at dinner just so you can say the words...words that make me smile!And yesterday was a day that made me smile. For me, it was a day off but I worked for several hours and was actually productive. Diane had gone to work, too. She called and said she was exhausted and was ready to leave.  I drove in and we headed to Indigo Landing for a late lunch, a glass of wine and a deep breath. We sat on the deck in the warm day enjoying the cool breeze and watching sailing classes on the Potomac. Bright, colorful but alas, no camera. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was movie-like, and we had a peaceful, smile filled lunch. As a side note: the view, the ambience, the good service barely offsets the mediocre food, don't go for the food, but definitely go for the place.After drudging through rush hour traffic to get home, we spent time with Kyle and Kelsey at Kohl's getting summer shorts and shirts. Then we were off with Kyle for two hours of baseball practice...until it was too dark to see the baseballs. I shot the full moon as the sun went down. Then off to PistachYo Yogurt for a decadent frozen yogurt before heading back home. What a great day.Pinot Grigio!    Try it.Full Moon Over Springfield


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