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Morgantown, WV Dam & Lock

I was on a walkway next to the river in Morgantown shortly after sunset and took this shot through the trees toward the dam and lock. The canal system on the Monongahela River is pretty cool. This is sort of the best of possible worlds for water transportation and for water storage. The dam provides the water the community needs and the lock provides canal navigation from Fairmont, WV to Pittsburgh, PA. I am not quite sure what it does for the fish that would be going up and down stream, but maybe they'd be going through the locks, too. This was the night before all of the storms started, you can see the wisps of clouds that were the precursor of things to come. The entire river "experience" (if a brief walk can be called an "experience") was calming, peaceful. I enjoyed my little piece of the world that night in Morgantown.Morgantown Lock 

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