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West Virginia

I had a chance (again) to take some photos of Cooper's Rock in West Virginia. I had hoped for a reasonably clear morning with the rising sun over cliffs and trees. But, my hopes were not entirely met...some sunshine was trying to peek through but essentially the weather was rainy, very rainy. Blowing wind, sideways rain, but no people except the rangers.I had a heck of a time keeping my lens dry. In fact, this is probably the worst I've had my camera exposed to without some protection. I did have an umbrella but with the wind...well, you can guess---not perfect. I started with the long zoom but didn't feel right about what I was shooting. In fact, there was just so much, well, so much "nature" to see that I switched to the wide angle. Sounds kind of corny but imagine cool mountain air, steady fresh wind, rain that changed from drizzle to drenching in a heartbeat and sun that wanted to shine but just couldn't find the right hole in the clouds. How do you capture all of that in one photo? I still have a lot to learn.  The first is looking into the wind, the rain has paused and the sun is sort of there, mostly not. The clouds are whipping about the hills and peaks and what seems like fog and rain to me is actually just being in the middle of a cloud. Looking at the ridge line on the other side of the river, I can see the clouds moving along the ridge which must look pretty much the same if I were over there looking at where I was standing.Cooper's Rock Rain CloudsTurning the other way from the shot above, you can see the observation deck. This was a more pleasant angle to shoot since the wind wasn't in my face and lens. I had walked up there but the "deck" is actually flat rocks with a hand rail (sort of) around the platform. There is a definite tilt of the rock surface toward the cliff. Did I mention that the rocks were wet and slippery? I climbed around for a while but discretion got the better of me and I went to more solid ground. I actually did fall down later but fortunately not on the rocks. I hit hard but fortunately (or not) the camera/lens took the brunt of the fall. Quite the day.Cooper's Rock Overlook

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