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And Life Goes On...

Eleven years ago I had two discs in my neck removed and a titanium plate put in that helped fuse three of the vertebrae together.  Some say that this is more common in (old) F-16 pilots who pulled very high "G's" for many years and I can definitely remember a few times when I had that electric pain as soon as I jerked back on the stick. Over the years I have had a twinge once in a while, but all-in-all I've been doing okay. Until last Wednesday. The pain was overwhelming. But of course, I'm a baby, so that must be taken with a grain of salt. Saw my acupuncturist on Thursday and she helped a great deal, saw the neurosurgeon on Friday. I have to get X-Rays and an MRI and will start PT next week. Muscle relaxers, pain killers, etc., etc., etc. They both say that I have probably exacerbated my neck injury with stress. Go figure. How could that have happened?Many, many people sent me birthday wishes yesterday and I enjoyed each of them! Made me remember how many people I've gotten to know and become friends with over the last couple of decades. I can't believe I've lived this long, I really didn't think I'd make it past 30, forty amazed me, fifty was awesome, 60 incredible, and....well, every day's a miracle.Yesterday, Kyle was playing a baseball game--in the rain. I guess they didn't call the game for weather because there wasn't any lightning. But there was rain. I had my camera under a trash bag. That reminded me of a shoot many years ago I did at the Battle of Manassas site. Rain was pouring down but I did get some good mood shots. I put some of them on my photography site, here's one of a cannon in the down pour.AddedI'm offering a 30% discount  on my Photography Site in honor of all those who fought for our country. Come and visit and even if you don't buy anything (most don't!), enjoy the photos.  If you do order, the shipping is a killer unless you use the normal, old normal USPS delivery--which I recommend.Battle of Manassas - Cannon in the Rain


Headed Back Up The Hill