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Headed Back Up The Hill

Well, family things are sort of back to normal. Or, better said, to the normal that we now re-define every day. And we have to admit, there is a bit of adventure in this particular way of living. Diane worked half days at the end of last week and was determined to make it through each work day even though she was absolutely exhausted before she even started. I don't think she slept at night more than an hour or two for three days.  Lots of new symptoms this time around. Chief among them was the lack of sleep followed very closely by the mouth problems. She doesn't have a lot of taste other than the mysterious metallic flavor in everything including just plain saliva. She has lots of mouth sores and has to keep on top of that constantly. I'm not very adept at keeping up with all of the symptomatic changes. We have a routine that we are into with all of the drugs and the pain and other discomfort. Not pleasant, in fact downright icky, but it's the new things that keep us off balance.Rain on RosesOf course, this weekend is Mother's Day. The kids have spent time figuring out what to do for her; Kyle and I bought bird feeders. She wants to "feed the birds" so we either had to come up with the feeders or "tuppence." Sorry. Couldn't resist. We set the bird feeders up but haven't had birds yet. Of course, I'm not known for my patience so I'm guessing that hopefully the birds will discover us. Soon. Diane's a great mom and this cancer thing really hasn't slowed her down, just changed the rhythm!!Friday was sort of unusual. Kyle and Kelsey were on separate sleepovers so it was just Diane, Kirsten, and me. We watched a movie, yuk. C-. The new Tom Cruise movie. The morning...the most unusual. Kyle is normally up racing around relatively early and then chatting online with his buddies. But. This morning it was quiet. I drove by myself to Old Town to have breakfast with an old friend and walk through the market. There wereRain Roserain showers on the flowers, hence the photos in this post.  Kyle's baseball games were  cancelled today which was okay except that it is rescheduled for tomorrow. During dinnertime so Mother's Day will have to be adjusted a bit.  I think of my mom quite a bit but especially on Mom's Day. And her birthday is May 10 so we always "Double Celebrated." I always felt a little guilty buying only one present all of those years. Oh well. I wish I could have visited her more often during the last few years of her life. I guess I didn't know what I was missing until she was gone. I think that I have preserved and project many of the values she taught me. It took a little bit longer than normal to hit---the value system---but, at least it hit. I think my kids and relationship have benefited. Thanks, Mom.Rain Showers On Pink

And Life Goes On...

Not A Great Day...except for a short walkabout