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Kelsey's Birthday

Hard to believe that 15, I say again, FIFTEEN years ago Kelsey roared into our lives! Thank God she did.  We had a small celebration, we went out to eat and then came home for cake and presents. What an interesting fifteen year journey this has been. I'm glad we celebrated before Rocky passed which sort of delayed my posting of this picture. During the past few weeks, maybe months, I've noticed that Kelsey randomly picks up my camera and takes a shot...and most of them are quite good. So it was time. To bring another photographer into the family and this is the shot of her opening her present. A Nikon, of course. Soon, I'm sure she'll have her own website. She joins a FAMILY group of photographers that have shown a great eye: cousin Maya (who does this professionally), Aunt Debby (Maya's Mom) who has redirected her professional photographic skills to shooting really special personal events, me, and cousin Rick who is unveiling some incredibly vivid images. Anyway, Kelsey is joining a family group that sees things that others don't but would like to see, that have an eye for beauty even in the darkest places. What a day.Kelsey opening her new Nikon DSLR on her birthday

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