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Baseball - Washington Nationals !

We went to a baseball game today! Washington Nationals. Sadly, they lost. But the day was gorgeous! Almost 80 degrees, clear blue skies and a tiny bit of breeze. Kelsey and Kyle missed a little school. Oh Well. They'll go twice tomorrow. We had hot dogs, peanuts, ice cream! The ball park is very cool, clean, comfortable. Lots and lots of people but I admit that the traffic flow ran quite smoothly. Even when we were done, the drive from the parking lot was fast--ten minutes from the stadium to the 14th Street bridge--in rush hour. Diane went, too. She felt pretty good, the walk wasn't a long one, and she did great. She wore a special hat, when they played the song and told everyone to wave their hats, she smiled and demurred. The first shot below is walking into the park from center field, the second is Strasburg. He actually got one of the two hits the Nats got. The third is Werth hitting his home run. We had fun. We will probably go back, which for me...that's something.Washington Nationals Stadium Nationals Pitcher, Strasburg Nationals, Werth Hitting His Home Run

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