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So Far....Great!!

Second day after chemo. Diane made a change in the sequence and amount of medicine she is taking to cope with the side effects and so far, things are going much better. Tonight, tomorrow, and the next day may be different. But maybe not. We'll score the hours as they happen but so far, it's a shutout going for Diane. Wow, all that sports talk from me, very unusual. Must be from hangin' out with Kyle so much.DIane's ColleaguesThe folks that have  gone through or are going through this cancer journey have told us that attitude and support play a HUGE role in the individual battles and the total journey. What outstanding symbols of both greeted Diane when she arrived at work last Monday. That was the first day at work wearing a wig. She was, of course, good to go with it, but deep down I could sense some apprehension. That uneasiness quickly disappeared when she was met by this group of colleagues that had become strong supporters and stronger friends. They greeted her and then went about their normal business with the wigs showing support to all, including the very senior level management meeting they attended later in the day. Diane came home with a great big smile, some pictures, and an increased sense of well being! Thanks to all you guys!Although this site has been working normally for the last few days, the service provider has not allowed updates to any of the sites that use the same technology that I do. Turns out there is some sort of attack on the login screen. Inconvenient, but. that's life. All appears normal now.

Diane's Birthday!

Chemo Eve