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Chemo Eve

Tomorrow Diane has "Round 2" of the first phase of chemo. Hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly. On the other hand, what a blessing to be moving, not frozen by new things or fear or the unknown. She knows what's ahead and most importantly, is good with what she'll go through. I think that's part of her strength: her confidence, the power of her friends, family, and prayer. Lots of great and wonderful energy. Still going to be a poopy day or two but on Sunday, we'll be one third of the way done. Kirsten is coming home on Friday -- a good thing! I have a group of insurance bills to appeal and protest and make people aware  that the machine response of "NO" they are sending us is not satisfactory. That'll keep me busy. Plus the pill logs. Plus getting Kyle to baseball. Plus...well, you know.This is a shot I took today from the back deck of work. The hawk couple is making a family and taking time out to zoom over me, that's the male probably protecting the female---from me! They are quite a distance from me so I'm using quite a long lens (340mm) which means that the image isn't perfectly clear. Hand held.Hawks

So Far....Great!!