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So all is well. Diane shaved her head yesterday. Well, actually she had someone shave it for her, the same place we got the wigs, at Joi Wigs Salon. The lady who did the deed was  positive thinking, talking, and cutting! The head isn't actually "shaved" but more like a very tight, Marine cut. She also bought a baseball hat that has a built in wig, a dark black color. So now she has three: two full size wigs plus the hat wig. Plus she has lots of scarves and scarf hats. And a set of bangs for those. Chemo starts again on Wednesday and we're all a bit anxious. A friend offered to do errands for us today and although we appreciated the offer, we both need the "normal" of grocery shopping, cooking, getting gas for the car, arranging for this and that, Costco runs, etc., etc., etc. Because, pretty much, that's who we are...we just do things together and assume that's the way it's supposed to be. Kelsey had her tutor early this morning and I took the time between drop off and pick up to see Burke Lake. I took this shot of the train watering station.Burke Lake Train Station

Chemo Eve

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