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Well, Project 365 Ended Early

I actually was carrying my camera around and taking photos every day. But  time doesn't slow down because I have, and ready or not, the day is suddenly over, and it's time to post. And if I've forgotten to post I always remember as soon as I get into bed, so then I get out of bed and put something...anything up. But that's not what I'm ready to do (yet).  I want to at least show good snaps. And, of course, tell some of my story of my journey with Diane. So anyway, I'll post often but the inevitable demand of a daily post...not yet. You have to wonder how ministers stay energized, Sunday comes every week. That's a new sermon, every week. Ready or not.The last few days of this chemo session with Diane have been really, really good. She started working half days which was initially difficult because of her fatigue. And me, of course. I worried and nagged about her being around people with colds or flu who come to work. Like most of us. Without a fully functioning immune system, catching any "germ" could be very rough on her. She assures me, however, that everyone is healthy at her workplace and that she's being careful. Right. But she is really doing well. Thanks to my readers (both of you) who are sending prayers and good energy. It's working!!This weekend she enters the zone of hair loss. Folks I've been talking with say that the 11th day after the first session is when the most loss is noted. Others say that it's about day 14-16. Easter Sunday is day 11. There is a chance that she will not lose her hair. I think that if she doesn't, we need to rush down and buy a lottery ticket because the odds of not losing her hair are about the same as winning the big lottery game. She has the wigs standing ready! That took some getting used to...I would walk into the bedroom and out of the corner of my eye I'd see these two head shapes in the area of the dresser. I intellectually know what they are but there is still some reaction before the intellect takes over. We wonder, of course, how the hair loss will manifest itself. Will she be walking when a gust of wind comes along and takes a good chunk, or perhaps sitting in a meeting at work, she scratches her head and... Well, it will be interesting. One more challenge to meet.I've noted that the family has a new rhythm. There are many more hugs, lots of laughter, and unplanned kindnesses and consideration for one another. Not that it wasn't always like that. Just different now. I wonder if Kirsten will notice when she comes home in May. This week was spring break for Kyle and Kelsey. Most of the week they stayed home and spent time with Diane. On Friday, we had a lunch together in Old Town at Bastille, then baseball practice, then a family movie. Snack like dinner since lunch was significant. Seems like we wait to do some things that we didn't use to wait for...like vacuuming, cleaning, laundry. It all gets done, of course. But not immediately, more like, as able. I'm okay with that. Except for the vacuuming. Sigh.I was coming home Friday and saw this mockingbird in the bush outside. I tried to sneak in very close but it was watching me closely and flew away right after I took the shot.Mockingbird

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