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My Cat

PROJECT 365 - DAY 47. I was going to headline with "What Chemo!" but I didn't want to jinx the day since it's still early (3:00 pm). We were told that the worst would probably begin 24 hours after the WBC shot. So, I took the kids to school. Came back, checked on Diane and then headed for a couple of quick errands. 24 after was 11 a.m. and...nothing.  So far, so good. Pain meds are working, anti-nausea is working, health food is working, acupuncture is working, prayers are working...all good. Don't get me wrong, when she gets tired...boom! She's out. My cat, Missy, pictured here is the Super Comfort Cat. She curls up with Diane all night and on the cushion above her when they are both sleeping on the couch. She's fourteen so she seen a lot. Below the picture of Missy is a shot of the other cat, Mandi,  giving Missy a bath. As it should be. Missy only has one "tiger tooth" so she's kind of a snaggletooth.  They're both pretty good cats. Especially mine.MissyMissy and Mandi 

Baseball Season Is Here!

Healthwise A Pretty Good Day, Insurance...Not So Much