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One Down, Five To Go

PROJECT 365 - DAY 46.  Actually, we have about 15 more treatments to go but the last bunch aren't too bad. This is the first of the SIX BAD ones. We were there for just over five hours. They were very efficient, very friendly, very professional, very watchful.... Of course, we are like babes in the woods. No idea about anything. Even though we went to "Chemo Class," like many I know, the stuff we studied and should have known seemed to fly away the minute we sat down in the Chemo Lounge.Did we take all the right pills at the right time? (No.) Did we put the lidocaine on before we left home? (No) Did we bring all her meds? (YES!) Yay, a 33%. And we found out that Claritin may ease bone pain. Who knew? And that the mouth stuff she has to use 6 times a day tastes awful. So, now she's a little "loopy" and getting very cold. She's jumping into a hot bath because she's literally freezing even though we have the fireplace blazing and the furnace on 75. She worked through most of the chemo session. Good thing she wasn't taking pain meds although she probably should have been. I have created a chemo template to track all the pills she has to take before, during, and after. It's the only way I'll be able to keep track. The first shot is of Diane just before they hooked up the IV and taken with my phone. The second is from my grocery run later in the day. A parking lot at Costco. An electric switch. I felt that I should click the switch to "ON." But I didn't. I must be maturing.Diane At Chemo


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