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Pizza Pi.

PROJECT 365 - DAY 44. After our medical adventures today, we watched the "Life Of Pi" and ate pizza which sort of led me down the path of...well,  you get it. Kyle has been sick but was better yesterday afternoon. I was up at 4 this morning and who should greet me?  Kyle. He had a temp of over 101. So...who do I call? I must take Diane to surgery. We are supposed to be there at 8 which means I need to drop Kyle off a pre-care by 7:15. And it went through my mind, and we talked about it...take Kyle to school on Ibuprofen and hope we can pick him up before it wears off.But no...   My options are to call.... who? All our friends work. So. "Kelsey, what do you have at school today. I need you to stay home with Kyle." And, that's what we did. Not perfect. But a solution. And she took great care of him, keeping him cool, entertained, and hydrated. In the meantime, we were at Mt Vernon Inova. An interesting experience. Almost entertaining. But this was my wife. Fortunately, the procedure was relatively benign, just a mediport. But frankly, a little scary when you realize how vulnerable you are to the "system." Diane is doing fine. Pain running up her chest from the incision to her ear. ouch. ouch. ouch. They didn't give her painkillers. Didn't really talk about pain. I guess they thought it was like a tooth cleaning. Puzzling. Then we get home to medical bills. Turns out cancer is, among all the other things, expensive. But this is okay, that's a temporal problem we can deal with together. We watched the movie and had the pizza. We are all spent. Mid-level spent, but for us, that's a new concept.Pizza Pi

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