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My Poor Cat!

PROJECT 365 - Day 43. My poor cat. Mature she is, quiet she is. Well-mannered she is. However, the giant black and white kitten gives her no peace. Like this shot which admittedly is a "OMG, the day is essentially over and I haven't taken a photo yet!" It was then I noticed that my cat was being brutalized (well, not really) by the kitten. A nice distraction. Tomorrow is surgery for the port. Resting for chemo start on Wednesday. Lots to think about. Picked up all the drugs today and we now have a special shelf for all the stuff. I have to keep it all in order. Holy Crap! I might need a notepad, and a pen, and a memory. Oh well. Diane will help...o...wait. Mandi & Missy

Pizza Pi.

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