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Photo Day, Well, Photo Morning Anyway

PROJECT 365 - DAY 42. This is an early post! Kelsey and I were up early reconfiguring the family room into a studio so we could take some publicity shots for a friend of hers, Elisa. I'll post some of those later today or tomorrow morning. While I had the stuff up I asked Kelsey and Diane to let me do some more practicing. Neither was enthused, which surprised me because usually I get everything I want (smile). But I eventually prevailed because I pointed out that her hair would probably never be like this again.  Diane said these were not to ever be put on the internet, FB, twitter, or anything except a hard drive and should only be viewable by the children as a "look back in time" when the time is right, hinting that the time might never be right. So we spent a very few minutes and only a dozen or so shots. She did relent on this one. Right out of the camera...as she is in real life. Still cool. The second one of Kelsey was taken after she was my "assistant" on the shoot. She placed the lighting, kept up with the computer adjustments, selected the music, made pose suggestions and just generally kept us on track. And, she's a great model herself!! I could have boosted the lights a little to take the shadows out of Kelsey's hair. But...I didn't see it in time.Diane Being Patient With Me Kelsey Having Fun

Elisa - Promotion Photos!

Chemo Class Day Ending Well