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Chemo Class Day Ending Well

PROJECT 365 - DAY 41. We slept in a bit. I took Kelsey to school and then we hit the road for Chemo Class. Dropping Kyle off on the way. Class was interesting, very interesting. I'll write more about it tomorrow when I have more energy. Then two hours with Dr Will followed by a quick lunch at Clyde's. We had oysters, Diane won't be able to have them again until chemo is complete! Then to the cardiologist for echo. Have I mentioned the waiting. Then home for a little while to have a quick dinner. Then off to "International Night" at West Springfield HS. I thought it was great. Original latino songs and dance; Bolivian dance; Ethiopian/Eritrian song, dance, and fashion; French music; German rock; English musicians playing Johann Bach, and of course, our favorite, the step team, with Kelsey!! We had fun but now...tired.

Photo Day, Well, Photo Morning Anyway

Friday's Eve