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With Cancer, This May Be What A Normal Day Is...For A While

PROJECT 365 - Day 37. We are figuring out how to squeeze all the things that we have to do into one day. There will always be a mix of meds, appointments, work, more work, kids, home, etc., etc., etc.  All good. All part of our lives. We are adjusting. I went to work early, Diane was teleworking. I picked her up for a cardiologist appointment. Although we were there, they "couldn't" finish it all and so we will have to go back on Friday. Fortunately, we were able to schedule the reschedule around the chemo class and acupuncture. Then we each went back to work until after 5. I drove to pick up Kyle and the two of us went to the train station to pick up Diane. Then...home. And tired. Really tired. I didn't have my camera but I liked the line of the buses so used my phone. I am feeling nostalgic lately so converted to black and white that reminded me of the old days so long ago when I would take shots with Tri-X 400 and push them to 1600. That's film. In a darkroom. During the dark ages. Do you see orange even if the photo is B&W?School Buses 

The Missing Orange From Yesterday's Photo

A Low Day