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A Low Day

PROJECT 365 - Day 36. I was going to say "Another busy day." But I think that this type of very intense schedules will be the norm for another year or so. The weather was awesome. I was up sort of early to get running so we could do the standard Sunday errands. Diane wasn't feeling well and struggled all day. Not even me doing a Steve Martin imitation of dancing "The Egyptian" could keep her smiling. (And I definitely won't be giving up my day job.) Her next procedure is scheduled for the 18th but there's a ton of stuff to do first. Tomorrow she gets an echocardiogram. Tuesday another physical with a double dose of blood work. Chemo class on Friday.    I think she's on overwhelm, too much coming too fast, and each piece is critical. We are slowly modifying our diet and using the Vitamix. Lots of veggies, lots of fruit. Kyle sometimes goes hungry. Smile. I peaked my head over the fence back into the forest and took this shot of the daffodils. Spring is definitely here.Springtime Daffodils 

With Cancer, This May Be What A Normal Day Is...For A While