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Exotic Flowers

PROJECT 365 - DAY 30. Back to work today. Almost...almost, like a normal day. We did have to visit one of the surgeons in the late afternoon, and, we have to visit the other surgeon tomorrow. But, the day was a good one. Diane felt good all day. She smiled at the reactions when people saw her short hair. Many of them liked the cut. I do, too. Not Diane. Oh well. I'll have a shot of it before the week is out. Who knows, the snow might keep us in for days. Probably not. One of the bouquets Diane received was exotic. I am not positively sure what the flowers are called, I think that the name is Bird of Paradise. They are very cool. We have to keep all the flowers locked up in one of the bathrooms during the day and then we bring them out at night to enjoy the beauty and fragrance. If we don't lock them up, the cats will graze all day and puke all night. Such is life! These are three closeups of the Bird flower!ParadiseWhite ExoticExotic Flower 1

A Busy Day!

The SAVI, A Cancer Tool Extraordinaire!!!