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The SAVI, A Cancer Tool Extraordinaire!!!

PROJECT 365 - DAY 29. Today was a relatively quiet day. Up early to hit the early service. Then Kelsey to the doctor because she's got a fever and sore throat.  Then home for a few minutes and then Diane and I went grocery shopping. Difference is that this time we have LOTS and LOTS of veggies. The Vitamix is going to get a work out! The first photo below is the SAVI in the closed position. Ten days ago, the surgeon took the device in this "folded" up position and put it in her breast. Have I mentioned, "Ow?"  Then he turns a little crank on the end and it expands, as in the second photo. The expansion is about the size of a very large egg. The apparatus sticks out of the side of the breast, the interior part is from the wide, white thingie. The whole thing is about 9-10" long, the part inside of her was 4-5". Each of those little tubes (with the numbers on them) can take a rod of radioactive material. The theory is that the radiologist can vary the level/intensity of the radiation applied differently in each tube. Before the surgery, we didn't think Diane was a candidate because of the amount of tissue they were removing, but during the surgery, they determined that, despite the amount of tissue removed, they could still do "localized" radiation. But the combination of significant tissue removal and the eggbeater SAVI inside was an "OW!"THe first shot is of the SAVI in the closed position. The quarter gives you an idea of the relative size. My crudely drawn arrow points to the plastic ring that was on the outside of the breast. Everything to the left of the ring was inside. THat would normally be an OW. They insert the thing into a channel created during surgery maintained by a catheter. During a procedure that was a week after the surgery, they pull the catheter out and  PUSH this thing in.And, one might say, "ow" but then, I say again - then, they twist the  little key thingie  and the end EXPANDS to about the same size as a very large egg. That's the second shot. I brought it home. Do you think anyone would notice if I just put it in the whisk compartment? Ewwwww!SAVi ClosedSAVi Open  

Exotic Flowers

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