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Icelandic Butter in the house!! AND MILESTONE II Complete!

PROJECT 365 - DAY 27. What a day. A great day. A Milestone Day. But I will write about that tomorrow. Or some of it. For now. I made a mistake and got up sometime before 3 in the morning. Worked for a bit and then took Kelsey to school. Came home, got ready and Diane and I dropped Kyle off at school and then headed for radiation. Almost DONE!! Then home, quick lunch. Off to acupuncturist. One hour treatment, then direct to radiation. I dropped Diane off and went to get Kelsey.....racing!! Diane was at her LAST radiation and they took the eggbeater out. SCHWOOOOOP. and it was out. I have the thing in a baggie. I will take a picture later this weekend. Anyway, Kelsey and I came back to pick Diane up and headed for her hair stylist in Alexandria. Whack, snip, gone!!!!!  She looks fantastic. And then back to the house to get Kirsten and Kyle. Then to Carlyle for a celebration dinner.  What a day!!!!!!This butter takes me back to 1976 when I lived in Iceland. I wouldn't mind going back some day, but...probably won't be able to go.Icelanic Butter

The GREAT Milestone Day Is A GREAT Milestone Weekend, So Far!

Strange, Quiet Day