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Alexandria Hospital Helo Pad

PROJECT 365 - DAY 25. Work for me. Way behind. Not sure when I will catch up. Will have to take leave to catch up, maybe when Diane goes back to work next week. Today, Liz took Diane to morning radiation which was a huge help. I did the afternoon session. They won't let me go back in the radiation room now. So I have to wait outside. Except this time I wandered around outside of the hospital. I went to the helicopter pad and took this shot. Then i wandered around the emergency entrance, the ambulances, etc., etc., etc. I had a suit on so I looked semi-respectable. There wasn't anyone around...but then suddenly, a security guard was there. He wanted to know if I was with the hospital. "No," I answered. Then he wanted to know why I was there. Hmmmmm, I'm thinking. I said I was waiting for someone. He said that I couldn't take pictures; one of the nurses had seen me and was concerned for the privacy of the patients. In my mind I went through all of the arguments about public places and my right to shoot anywhere, yah-de-dah-de-dah. But, he was being nice and even though he was wrong (as was the nurse), I told him that I had not taken pictures of anyone and that I was quite aware of the privacy laws. That seemed to make him happy and we parted ways.Diane is over the hump on radiation. Although she says it's not effecting her, she wears out very easily. There is texture change in one small section of her skin right over where the eggbeater is located. Two more days. On Friday we have the last radiation at 3, eggbeater gets taken out, and then off to get a very short haircut at 4. Wig shopping on Saturday. Platinum blond for me!!   T'was a good day. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. They're working!Hospital Helicopter Pad

Strange, Quiet Day

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