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I'm Just Plain Tired

PROJECT 365 - DAY 24.  A rainy day. My second day back at work, for half days. A friend was nice enough to take Diane to her morning radiation so I could do the important meetings that were required yesterday morning. I picked her up for the afternoon session. A "session" lasts 20 minutes total. That includes preparation where they do a small CT scan to make sure the egg beater thing is in the same place. Then they dress the wound and she's out the door. About 20 minutes total without any side effects. Pretty cool. I raced home to drop her off so I could meet my ophthalmologist appointment. Since I have glaucoma and blooming cataracts, I've gotten to know him well.  Then back to pick up Kyle and to home. Diane felt well enough to cook (Hurray), so we had a roast garlic chicken with boiled and herbed potatoes and broccoli. Cleaned the kitchen and then we had a blazing fireplace...and, I fell asleep. Fine care giver...smile. I must have needed it. But I never got this post posted. But it still complies with my one-a-day. The day reflected me. Or maybe the other way around. Today will be better.Rainy Day

Alexandria Hospital Helo Pad

Science. Awesome!