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A Spring Like Day. With Pain. But Healing. The Second Milestone Is In Sight!

Project 365 - Day 22. Pain. I am pretty much helpless and she is a trooper. When I was changing the dressing,  I tried to think of a word that would explain what I saw and the word "palpable" came immediately to mind. Dictionary.com says that palpable means readily perceived, tangible. Felt. Not the pain she felt, but the fact that she was feeling that pain. I had to move the SAVI and the SAVI is as thick as my index finger. Her sharp intake of breath and comforting words told me that it hurt.  But, radiation starts tomorrow and will be over on Friday!  And the SAVI comes out!!!!   That's Milestone II. I keep meaning to put this stuff in MS Project but somehow I just can't seem concentrate long enough. The sermon I heard at Messiah UMC today was about healing. I am pretty sure that's not a coincidence.I took Kelsey to her geometry lesson this morning and then went to a local park for a quick walkabout. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the mid 40s (F), and the air was perfectly still. The trees are starting to wink tiny green leaf buds and the spring flowers are poking through. This is a shot of the sun through the trees with a walking bridge in the foreground. Healing and Hope.Spring Is Here

Science. Awesome!

Drizzle. Cloudy. Gray. An Icelandic-like Winter Day.