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Things Are Looking Up!

Project 365 - Day 18. Today seems like a normal weekend day. Except for getting the kids off to school. Diane slept in until 9:30 and is off the pain meds. I don't think the pain is gone, just manageable. She went for her Blackberry almost immediately and then to the notebook. Nagging does no good. She is well on the way to recovery, but I notice that she is tiring so maybe a nap will be in order. Activities pick up considerably around noon tomorrow. We should know our schedule for the next two weeks by Friday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.DianeFor those of you who sent comments on yesterday's post--thanks. I am heading to the library today to get his book. I am trying to not be too "emotional" about the whole thing. I appreciate what the breast cancer community has done to change the culture of cancer awareness. Perhaps that's the most important thing...people are paying attention because getting this disease is no longer a death sentence. Maybe Welch's point is that researchers should be also spending time increasing the technical capabilities of the screening processes or increasing the training of the people who read the screening results. I can't believe anyone would say to not get screened. I need to learn more.I half cheated on today's photo. The Photoshop magazine had a trick on adding depth to a portrait and so I gave it a shot. The flowers in front are from today, some of Diane's many cool bouquets. I put them on top of a shot I took last summer.

Holy Crap!

Dr. Welch from Dartmouth Says Mammograms Aren't Necessary - I Say - Bull Pucky To Him