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Roller Coasters

DAY 16. Today was spent trying to catch up...on the ordinary stuff. Our electric blanket gave up the ghost, the printer ran out of ink with lots of homework to go, and the cats were out of food, and...well, you get the picture. I raced to get some things done before Kirsten left, off to buy a new blanket at BB&B, then ink at Staples, animal stuff, etc., etc., etc.  Said goodbye to Kirsten as she headed back to school. All of us are stressed and tending to squabble at the smallest of things. That's normal, I tell them. Doesn't change the life we're living though.Diane is supposed to take things easy, be cared for and not go.go.go. But, she's a bit stubborn. She says she's trying but she has a few years of doing so this habit is a hard one to break. We got her a bell...she won't use it. I am thinking baby monitor but am not sure how I will sneak it in. Even with the vicodin, she is awake at the slightest sound. Hmmmm.Great day outside but then back inside to catch up with laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. I made some modifications to the shower so that we now have a hand shower that can be used to avoid the total wetting of the wounds. We aren't supposed to do that yet. In fact, our schedule may be changing again. That's the roller coaster. We were supposed to have post-op sessions on Friday...but, depending on the doctor conversations this evening, that may all change. If everyone agrees, we would go in Thursday for something called a "stabbie" I think. That's where they put a thingie (medical talk) into the catheter for radiation. Then she'd start radiation on FRIDAY. Twice a day for five days in a row. Tough duty but probably better than the 16-33 day regimen. We won't know until tomorrow so the roller coaster isn't over.Did I mention cooking. I went to the store for groceries. Took my camera to keep this 365 Project going. Only 349 to go.Whole Food Veggies

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