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Heading Back To "Normal"

DAY 15. A fence near a walkway to our middle school. Graffiti is everywhere, some good ones, but most, not so much. Hopeful artists, or future political pundits, or just vandals. Who knows. But, there was imagination and probably derring-do to spray paint so close to the school. Or, it was done in the dark of the night. I was there with Kyle who was in "Baseball Tryouts" for the spring season.Graffiti I discovered something about myself today while changing the dressings. Apparently, I am a lot more nervous about all of this than I let on. As I was wiping away the dried blood and new "leakage,"  I found myself literally trembling. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't "shaking out loud" since my hands were NOT shaking as I put on the ointment and stuff. I've worked on a fair share of wounds in my years, some severe. I worked in a large meat packing plant, so, this wasn't about the blood, or the drainage, or the significant incisions, this was really about her...she's going to be okay.I heard a news story today on WTOP about breast cancer here in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. The story was an op-ed I think that included an interview with someone from the Breast Cancer Fund. The report had an interview with the CEO of the Breast Cancer Fund and said that our area had one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the nation! Although their emphasis is on the toxicity of chemicals, you might wonder about the stress in our area and if that might be "an environmental factor." Perhaps when I get a spare moment I will look into the proportionate number of women in high stress jobs in this area vs others; discover other variables of men vs women in Census figures...well, there must be some statistics that correlate. I am interested in learning what is happening in the prevention world. Could be part of a new hobby. Or passion.

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