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Dawn At The Lake & Garden Shop

I had the itch to get out so left the house before sunrise and drove to Burke Lake. For a few minutes, I was pretty much alone but shortly after the sun rose, the joggers came out. The "Two Suns" shot was taken at ISO1600, 17mm, f/20, 1/640.  The view was surreal, as if I was in one of those science fiction movies with two suns, two moons, two whatevers. Have I mentioned the temperature?   80 at sunrise and I swear the humidity was the same. Some people in the area are still without electricity (a.k.a. air conditioning) a full week after the storm took out the power in a million homes. On the drive home I spotted a garden nursery--the parking lot was open, the sun was starting to spill through the trees and...well, I was called! After talking with Bob, the only employee about, I went to the purple flowers which were attracting a variety of insects. There was a gold moth--I've never seen one that color and the morning sun enhanced the yellow! Same with the bee and the lady bug, the likes of which I had also never seen. They were taken at ISO1600, 105mm, f/7.1, 1/640. Anyway, I had fun being out and shooting at last! More to follow.Sunrise at Burke Lake - Two SunsBee on Purple FlowerYellow Lady BugGold MothBee In The Face


I Ducked Just In Time