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Health Care Is Different Now -- Better, But Different. More of a Do-It-Yourself Kit

Day 14. Getting through the night was fairly easy. I guess. Restless sleeping and pain pills for Diane. No one told me there would be blood and other stuff! Drainage! They call it. Drainage. That's landscape design for crying out loud and should have nothing to do with people!! Especially people around me. And Diane has a "tube" - nay, nay, a catheter so on the off chance the pathology tests come back A-OK (that's 60s space talk for you younger readers), then she will have "localized" radiation. Now I have to admit I did not know what localized radiation was until just very (very) recently. I had in my mind that "localized" meant that some sort of Buck Rogers (that's 1920's talk) ray gun, robotic armed machine would somehow swing around, make high pitched chirping noises and then zero in on that part of the breast that required "local" treatment. Nay, nay, nay. They put a balloon like thing where the cancer used to be and the balloon is connected to a tube or in doctor talk, a catheter. If Diane can have this type of treatment, she would go into the radiation clinic twice a day for five days where they would hook some machine up to the catheter (tube for us non-meds) and then fill the internal balloon with radioactive something or other for 15 minutes or so and then...voila, done. Five days vs 16-33. Less damage. Better, if all works out well. We are ready for either.But back to this drainage thing. Back in the day, 50s & 60s that is, you went into the hospital, they did their mechanical and medical magic and then they kept you until you were better. Now, unless you're having a major organ transplant, my impression is that you are an outpatient. They hand you prescriptions, a handful of bandages, a computer printout of semi-relevant information and then...off you go. PreparationNeed more gauze, meds, equipment or whatever. Go to the local drug store. Need information on "drainage" or other non-landscaping, human based stuff...better head to Dr. Google.  A great source and of course, all that's on the Internet is true.In all fairness, Diane's Breast cancer surgeon called early this morning (9:00)  before the tube starting oozing at the edges of the cut (incision for you history majors) and when I noticed the ooze and called him back, he was comforting. I was to take two aspirins and CALM down. That's not really what he said. He's a great guy and super surgeon. Did I tell you he autographed Diane's breast in pre-op. That's part of the "Make Sure You Get The Proper One" project. Smile.Everyone out there has been wonderful. The prayers, flowers, gifts, good energy! We can feel it all. Thank you.

Heading Back To "Normal"

Milestone Number One! The Cancer == Toast!